Out Of Hell

Title: Out of Hell
Characters: Hendrix, Beckett & Duncan Mills, Sara, Romulus, Rumi, Barachiel, and Joziah [Mentions: Drex, Joe, Ryozo, Ronin, and Renea]
Prompt: Capriotti SL
Word Count: 1458
Summary: Semi introduction to Hendrix.
Rating: Some foul language.
Sara was surveying the back parking lot at Howl We Roll. After the car explosion at her place and having the Feds and local PD at her place. She pushes her glasses on the top of her head. Sara pinches the bridge of her nose. She caught something in the air. Sara sniffed the air. It smelt of death, burnt flesh, brimstone, and cold air. Sara spun on her heels facing this tall man in front of her. She could see his true form.

“Can I help you?” “Yes, I am looking for you, Miss Capriotti. That is still you, correct?” “Yes, I am still Miss Capriotti. I am Sara. You are?” “I am Hendrix Mills. I am in need of a job. A mutual person recommended you to me.”

Duncan’s eyes lock with Sara’s eyes. He smiles. Beckett walks towards them. Sara always had one of the twins with her. Since her place in Drexel’s crew was changed to consigliere. Her life was always in danger even more now. Sara had promoted the twins to her personal bodyguards. They had proven themselves over the year.

“Sara, job listing openings for you. I can see your true nature. Are you able to hide it?” “Yes, I can. You guys can see me more because of all the death you been around and or been involved in. Yes, I am able to hide from you and others. I just figured that I didn’t have to myself around other supes.”

Sara looked over the listing of openings. She nodded. Sara started to walk towards the building the guys followed her. She waved her arm and snapped her fingers. Hendrix was following them. Duncan opened the door for Sara. She smiled. Beckett and Hendrix followed behind her. Duncan came in after them.

“I need coffee. Are we good to talk about jobs over coffee, Hendrix?” “Yes, Miss Capriotti.” “Sara, Hendrix, please. I am not that old yet, Hendrix.” “Yes, Sara. Coffee sounds great.” “Which one of you are coming with me? Which one is going to get Joziah and Barachiel?” “Beckett can stay with you. I will go get Bar and Joziah.”

Duncan headed off to the right. Beckett, Hendrix, and Sara headed over to the cafe. She sits down first. Beckett stands behind Sara. Hendrix sits down across from Sara. Melodee comes over to the table. She smiles. Sara grins at Melodee. She took her petite hand into hers. Sara gently squeezes it.

“Sara Belle, how are you this morning?” “I am well, Melodee. Thanks for asking. This Hendrix. Beckett is behind me.” “Nice to meet you, fellas. Oh, congratulations on the new position. Congrats to Beckett and Duncan on their new positions as well. What can I get you all?” “Melodee, I need an espresso shot or two. Plus a cup of black coffee. Beckett and Hendrix? Beckett, you don’t have to stand behind me. You can sit next me.”

Beckett finds a chair. He pulls it up next to Sara. They were about to order as Joziah, Barachiel, and Duncan shows up. Duncan sits down on the opposite side of Sara. Barachiel and Joziah pulled up a chair behind Sara. They are positioned and tall enough to see perfectly over Sara’s head. They look directly at Hendrix taking him in.

“Fellas what can I get you?” “Coffee. Just bring cream, sugar, and all that jazz. We can fix it accordingly,” Joziah states. Sara leans back in her seat looking up at Joziah. She arches a brow. Joziah shakes head mouthing nada. Sara knows her second in command to know when he was snappy. She rolls her eyes and shakes her head. Sara turns her attention back to Hendrix.

Barachiel and Jozah size up Hendrix. Hendrix just sat there with a smile. He nodded. Hendrix knew what they were about to ask him.

“Yes, I can hide the Thestral. Since you guys have seen death and accept the reality of it see him easily. At the moment, I am not hiding him from you all.” “Can I ask who recommended you to come to see me for a job?” “Rumi did. She said that you were good people. All of you.” “Rumi is an amazing person. Yes, I’ve got some openings. I think that you will fit in fine.”

Melodee came back over. She placed Sara’s espresso shots and black coffee down. Sara nodded with a smile. She puts the rest down in the centre of the table for the guys. Sara drinks her espresso. She looks up at Hendrix as he fixes his coffee. Sara finishes off her other espresso shot.

“Gunmetal Grey we have an opening. It is a multiple of things. Mainly the bouncer/security job. Then whatever my main guy that runs it, Romulus will have you do. Joziah, call Romulus for me and tell him to come over here. Romulus would be your immediate supervisor then me.”

Joziah calls Romulus. He shows up a few moments later. Romulus comes over to Sara. Sara stands up. Romulus kisses her cheeks. He sits down next to Joziah.

“You needed me, Boss Lady.” “Yes, I did. This is Hendrix Mills. He will be your new security/bouncer stuff and whatever else you need him to do. He comes to us under the recommendation of Rumi.” Romulus nods.

“Well, then you are good people. Also, if that is the case. I know that Boss Lady has had you checked out before you walked up here. Sara never goes into anything blind. If you got some time now I can train you. You could start tonight.” “Yes, I am available. We can do this. So, you knew who I was before I said anything?” They all chuckle. Sara nods. “Hendrix, I don’t go into anything blind. I’ve known about you for a couple of months. Rumi came to me said a friend of hers was moving to town and was in a need of a job. I asked for your name and everything she knew about you. Then I filled in the blanks.”

Sara sits back. She puts her glasses on the table. Rumi walks over to them. She was grinning. Hendrix stands up and pulls his friend into a hug. He whispers, “ Thank you, Rumi.”

“Boys, are we good with Hendrix joining the Gunmetal Grey family?” “We are good,” they all stated. “Hendrix, welcome to the Gunmetal Grey family. Romulus, work your magic. Tell Arya hello. Rumi, you’ve got an update for me?” “Yes, ma’am I do.”

Hendrix got up and went to followed Romulus then stopped. He spoke.

“Thank you for giving me a chance. You will not regret it. I promise you that.”

Romulus stopped to hear what he said. He nodded then waited on Hendrix to catch up. They walked out of Howl We Roll and across the street to Gunmetal Grey. Rumi had sat down. Joziah got comfortable and got his coffee fixed. Melodee came back over to the table.

‘Rumi, what can I get you?” “Melodee, I love some green tea. Please.”

Sara looked over at Joziah again. She poked him in the ribs with her pen from her ponytail Joziah growled. Sara snarled.

“What is the attitude for? Who sit in your Captain Crunch, boy?” “No one. I just didn’t get a lot of sleep.” “Stop fucking swinging from the chandelier with Kalani all the damn time,” Joziah grunted giving Sara the one finger salute. “Two espressos, ma’am. You and Joe swinging from the rafters at night? Hm…” Sara snarled snapping her canines at Joziah. Joziah laughs hysterically. Sara rolls her eyes. She giggles.

“Rumi, how’s our favourite douchebag doing?” “Ryozo is Ryozo. He has been behind closed doors with his father, Ronin. I’ve not been put on the trust list just yet. Give me a bit longer. The Shinigami knows it is death related.” “I wondered what Ronin is up to. Barachiel, you think that Ryozo would give his half brother any clue?” “I can try yet; I can’t promise you anything.”

They all nodded. They turned looking at Sara. She waves her hand at them. They got up made their perspective ways to whatever their day laid out for them. Sara sat there for a moment with Beckett and Duncan. She rolled her neck.

“Okay, boys I’ve got to go see a witch. Do my duties of a consigliere. Let’s roll out Autobots,” Sara laughs.

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Family Ties

Title: Family Ties
Characters: Sara, Liberty, Barachiel, Ryozo, and Junior [Mentions:: Joseph, Locklyn, Sage, and Ronin]
Word Count: 1300
Summary: Liberty pays Sara a visit. Barachiel is in the spotlight. Some look into Barachiel.
Rating: Mild; some vulgar language.

“What do I owe the pleasure of a visit from my favourite sister-in-law?” Sara beamed as she came from behind her desk. Liberty pulled Sara into a hug. Sara pulled back looking her over. “What’s wrong, Libs? Junior alright or is he still mad at me about the Cignarale and Capriotti alliance?” Sara inquired. “No, he understood the agreement from a business standpoint. You being with a Cignarale though; he doesn’t understand, Belle,” Libs stated.

Sara walked back over to her desk. She picked up her cup of coffee taking a pull from it. “Libs, my private life is that: Private. I know you didn’t come here to discuss Joseph. What’s up?” Sara requested. “That is true. That is here nor there. Honestly, I am happy for you. You have liked Cig for years. Anyone who isn’t blind could see that. Anyways….I am here about Ryozo and the hit he put out on you,” Liberty replied.

“Yeah, what about it?” Sara growled. “Ryozo has done business with my father. It almost got him killed. He is a sick and twisted fucker. Demonic like in his killings. Ronin is scared of his own kid,” Libs declared. “Ryozo, from my understanding is a crossbreed of a hellhound and senin. He is partial immortal. A God. Apparently so is Choi’s kid, Naoki. Their mothers are or were sisters. Which is just so very convenient. What else is going on? I know that isn’t the only reason you came here. You could have stated that over the phone, Libs,” Sara nodded.

“Junior and Sage want to talk to you,” Libs said. “Okay, what’s next? Locklyn going to walk in next. The only time that Junior and Sage want to talk to me together is when they are worried and or have news to drop on me,” Sara said. “True. It has to do with your favourite sister-in-laws. Also, to do with business,” Libs beamed. “Liberty, Sage could have come here. Hell, even Junior. Tell me what the business part is,” Sara shook her head.

Sara knew the family part Libs wouldn’t tell her. Libs gave her look that told Sara she needed to get a glass of whiskey for it. Sara went and grabbed her bottle of Johnnie. She sat down at her desk. “Ronin wants his stepson back in the fold,” Libs told her. Sara had a confused look. “Who? Why would I know him?” Sara stated. “Please, Mrs. Capriotti, I’ve got it from here,” Barachiel begged. Sara cocked a brow. She took a long pull from the bottle. “Take a seat Barachiel,” Sara gestured to a seat. Barachiel sat down. He took a deep breath.

“Okay, Ronin is or was my stepfather. I left home at sixteen because we didn’t mesh well. Ryozo is my half brother. Ryozo believes that his father killed our mother. I’ve been looking for Ronin for many years. He just reappeared. I didn’t know until after the fact. I never thought my private life would entangle with my job, Sara,” Barachiel bowed his head in shame. “Barachiel, look at me. One thing I can vouch for is that private and business will cross especially in this line of business. You just have to balance them well or separate them extremely well. Or deal with the problem area,” Sara stated matter of factly. She took another pull from her bottle.

Liberty watched Barachiel. She could see the regret and shame. Sara sat back in her seat. “Barachiel, how are you going to handle me killing your brother? You know it isn’t personal. It is business,” Sara stated coldly. “It is what it is. Can I ask you for one favour, Sara?” Barachiel inquired. “Yes, remember what my supports come with, Barachiel,” Sara replied harshly. “Can I talk to Ryozo first? See if I am able to speak him out of this madness,” Barachiel stated. “Yes, just don’t be disappointed when it doesn’t work. Just be aware you get in the way you will get hurt and or killed,” Sara stated callously.

Barachiel nodded. “I know. I owe much to you to ever cross you. You’ve known one another for fourteen human years. I am loyal to you,” Barachiel said bluntly. “Yes, that is true yet; I’ve seen and so have you what my mother, father, and brother did to me. They said that they were loyal at one point in time,” Sara spoke directly. Barachiel nodded. “Loyalty is what makes you family. Blood doesn’t always make you family. Just remember that because I am sure Ryozo is thinking the same thing. You’ve got one chance with Ryozo. You know where you stand with me, Barachiel,” Sara said. “Thank you, Sara Jayne,” Barachiel bowed. Sara waved him off. “Go! Get out of here, B. Got to talk to Ryozo and report back. If you don’t he either killed you or I will be,” Sara barked. Barachiel left quickly after Sara spoke.

Sara took a deep breath then exhaled. She drank some more of her whiskey. “Tell Junior and Sage I will stop over around 6 o’clock this evening, Libs. It better be good news I am not in the mood. Tell Junior I don’t want to talk about Ryozo. I will leave just the way I came,” Sara remarked. “It’s good news. I promise. See you at 6 o’clock this evening,” Liberty said as she left Sara’s office leaving while waving bye. Liberty made her way home to tell Junior.

Sara kicked off her shoes. She walked over to the sofa in her office. Sara curled up on the couch. She drank more whiskey while contemplating the events that just took place. Sara pulled her legs up to her chest. She took her phone out of her bra. Sara sent a text to the one person that got it all.

<i><b>TEXT:: Joseph, call me when you get a moment. Thanks.</i></b>

Liberty walked into the house. She beamed. Junior looked at his wife. “Well…?” Junior asked. “She will be here at six o’clock this evening. She said she doesn’t want to talk about Ryozo. Or she will leave. She wants happiness not business this evening,” Liberty told Junior. “Okay, fair enough. No business. Got it!,” Junior replied. Sage and Locklyn walked into the room. “She will be here at six o’clock. No business talk,” Libs told them They nodded.

Barachiel met up with Ryozo in a public space. “You wanted to talk,” Ryozo stated. “You alone?” Barachiel inquired. Ryozo nodded yes. Barachiel didn’t trust him. He knew better. Barachiel has been in this game way too long. “Let’s talk. We are going to talk about the bit you put out on my boss, Ryozo,” Barachiel demanded. Ryozo’s eyes widen. He was speechless. Barachiel raised an eyebrow and nodded. He waited on Ryozo again. Ryozo rubbed his face. “I thought you were to talk about my father. I didn’t know that Sara Capriotti was your boss. We don’t exactly keep up with one another’s lives. What do you wanna know about the hit?” Ryozo questioned. “Take the hit off of her Ryozo,” Barachiel growled. Ryozo sat there not knowing what to say. Barachiel waited on Ryozo’s response. Ryozo went to speak. “What the fucking hell is going on here?” the voice asked. The men sat there frozen at the moment.

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Title: Dealings
Characters: Sara, Choi, Brett, Naoki, Ryozo, Barachiel, and Joziah  [Mentions: Lincoln, Choi, and Lennon]
Word Count: 1535
Summary: Sara sets some things straight.
Rating: R foul language and some violence.

“Look you have the money you owe me?” He said. “I’ve got some of it. I wasn’t able to get it all. You gave me one night to get it all. I am sorry,” She replied. “See I am so disappointed in you. The deal what we agreed to. Now I take what you owe me than some. I think that was your mother. To pay for the debt your father acquired. Well, since he just happens to kill over. So, now the debt became yours and your mother. I also hear that your mom is not doing so well,” He responded. Brett looked up at this man. Her eyes spoke volumes. She pleaded for her life and mother. He reached down grabbing a hold of her face. He pulled her up the length of his. His dark orbs locked with hers.  He could see them pleading.

“Brett, you owe money. I want it. Now! ” the man barked. Brett shook hard that her teeth started to rattle. He tossed her. Her body flung through the air landing against the stack of crates in the warehouse. Naoki snapped his fingers. Brett’s body came back to Naoki. She knew that she was in trouble. She had nowhere to go and no way to get out. The young woman dug deep inside of her to keep it together. Naoki reached out for entangling his fingers in her long auburn hair. He tugged at it. One of Naoki’s men came over to him. “We have company boss,” the man told Naoki.

“Well, fucking move find out who the hell it is. I said that I didn’t want to be disturbed,” Naoki yelled. His fingers bound in her hair. Naoki was dragging her around. Brett felt something stir inside of her. She closed her eyes taking deep breaths. Naoki looked down at her frail body. He laughed maniacally. Brett opens her eyes they glowed a dark amber in colour. Naoki’s right-hand man, Ryozo saw this. He whistled to get Naoki’s attention. When Naoki looked down at Brett, there was nothing. Naoki raised an eyebrow. “What man?” Naoki questioned. Ryozo shrugged his shoulders.

Naoki heard the shuffling and guns clicking into place. There was a soft yet; heavy clack of heels on the cement floor. He let go of Brett’s hair. She put her hands out to catch herself. She looked down at her hands. Her nails were long and thick. She felt them scrape against the cement. Brett kept trying to get her breathing regulated. Her head lifted slightly seeing a beautiful pair of black Louboutins in front of her face. Brett’s eyes scanned upwards seeing the one person most women wished to be or had Sara’s gumption. The woman in those shoes looked down at her. She winked with a flash of amber eyes. Brett swallowed hard. She looked back down. Brett listened and stayed out of the way.
“Naoki, we have problems. I think that you owe me some money, dear,” Sara growled. “Look Capriotti. I know. I have it yet; can we negotiate this? I mean we don’t want this to slip over,” Naoki smirked. Sara laughed loudly. She held her side. “That is funny, Naoki. You can’t just come up into someone’s territory then sell some shit thinking that I wouldn’t find out. I gave you permission to give out some loans; not to sell some under the table crap. I kept this between you and I because you want to venture out from Daddy’s thumb. I told you the deal. See you have not listened to my terms and agreements. I am not like the ones you read before you agree to a fuck cell phone contract,” Sara yelled.  There was a movement that Sara caught out the corner of her eye. She pulled out her Sig Sauer shooting once. One shot and one kill. Right between the eyes.

“Sara, please, don’t do this. I have got your money,” Naoki pleaded. Sara moved in closer. She waved her hand. Barachiel picked Brett up putting her in a chair off to the side. Sara reached out for Naoki’s tie. She pulled him closer to her. “See I hate being lied to yet; the deal was for two million dollars. Make it six million,” Sara growled flashing her canines. Naoki growled back. “You know I am bigger and worse than you. Hellhounds are better than wolves,” Naoki smirked. “You maybe bigger yet; my balls are steel and more prominent. Now six million or my hellhound, Barachiel rips out Ryozo’s throat. Decisions, decisions,” Sara chuckled. “That is three times more. Then what we agreed on,” Nakoi trembled.

Sara looked back at Barachiel. She nodded. “True that it is. Guess what you fucked up. You made this mess. I can always tell Choi what is going on here. You guys wanted to push up on my area. That doesn’t work. I’ve got a contract with your father, Choi. He pays me for selling weapons. You’ve got to pay me for giving out loans. Not some crank bullshit. I don’t push drugs. I don’t sell women either. You are trying my bloody patience. They are thin tonight,” Sara jutted her jaw. “I can’t get a hold of six million,” Naoki replied. “I don’t care. You push up on people. You pushed up this young girl. You are too stupid to realise that she is a supe. So, I am going to leave here with six million and that young pup’s debt cleared,” Sara ordered. Naoki shook his head.

“All I can hear is rocks rattling in your Goddamn head,” Sara spewed. Her claws elongated. She dug them into Naoki’s chest. She held onto his breastbone. Barachiel’s nails dug into Ryozo’s neck. Naoki started to cough up blood. “Fine. You got it. Both things,” Nakoi stuttered. “I want it transferred now. Do it. I want it to go through two different Swedish accounts then when I get confirmation. I will leave here. Don’t test me. If this young woman’s debt doesn’t go, then we have problems. I will check in with her,” Sara smiled brightly.  Naoki looked over at Ryo. He blinks twice. Then Ryo transferred the monies.

Joziah held up his cell phone. He whistled. Sara looked over at him. He gave her a nod. Sara slowly pulled her claws from Naoki’s chest. She brought her hand up to her lips. Sara licked them clean. “Now I’ve got you in my grips. I like the taste. Thank you, Naoki. Oh, don’t think that I won’t come after everything you fuck love. You don’t want to test me,” Sara giggled. She walked over to the girl sitting in the chair. Barachiel followed Sara’s lead. He let go of Ryozo. Ryozo landed on his knees. He bent over coughing.

“What’s your name, pup?” Sara questioned. “Brett DiNozzo,” she mumbled. Sara shook her head. “Fuck me. You had to be a damn DiNozzo. Your parents related to Lennon and Lincoln?” She asked. “Yes, their father is related to my mother,” Brett relayed. Sara shook her head. “Well, let me dropped you at your cousin’s house,” Sara told her. Sara spun around on her heels. “Naoki, asked your Daddy dearest, about the DiNozzo’s,” Sara said. She snapped her fingers. Barachiel snatched up the girl. Joziah grabbed the body tossing it towards Naoki. Sara pulled out her cell phone as Barachiel and Joziah got Brett settled inside the Range Rover. Sara climbed inside the vehicle on the driver’s side.

“I’ve got a present for you, DiNozzo. I will be dropping her off,” Sara said. She ended the call. Joziah passed her a bottle. Sara lit it then tossing it into the warehouse. She sent a text to Choi.

TEXT: Your son’s warehouse is on fire. I know he is a hell hound. He should enjoy it. Nice doing business with you. –S.Capriotti

Sara slid into the seat again. She sped off. Sara drove over to the old DiNozzo family home. She helped Brett out. As the walked up the driveway, Sara said, “Let the change happen naturally. Don’t fight it.” Brett looked at her then the door. Sara looked at Lincoln. She nodded. “She is all yours. She needs some help. Young pup in a dangerous spot. Don’t let her end up like Lennon and me,” Sara smiled as she walked away.  “Oh, if she does end up like us. Remember keep her out of my area. I don’t like young pup’s pissing on my trees,” Sara yelled. She rolled up the window on the Range Rover. Sara took off like she stole it.

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Title: Convoluted
Characters: Lennon, Sara, Michael DiNozzo, Junior, Lincoln, Joe, and Choi [Mentions: Choi]
Prompt: None
Word Count: 1510
Summary: Lennon realises Sara isn’t the scrawny little girl she grew up with anymore.
Rating: Language
A/N: Did this one old school style. Pen to paper first.

Lennon was seated outside on the patio. She was having a cup of coffee and trying to read the paper. Her mind kept going back to her so called accidental run in with Sara at her restaurant. Lincoln was right. She would never tell him that. Lennon knew that would go straight to Lincoln’s head. Sara hadn’t changed much in the looks department yet; her eyes spoke volumes. She was an entirely different woman.


“Sara Belle, when will we talk about your crush on Cignarale?” Lennon interrogated. “There isn’t anything to discuss. I’ve got a crush. He is Joseph Cignarale. Our families would kill one another if anything ever happened. Trust me on this, Lennon. Joe Cigs isn’t looking anywhere in my direction. Plus if our families had their way they would marry Lincoln and Me off together. Oh, that isn’t happening on my watch,” Sara bluntly stated. “Well, it would be cool to have you as a sister-in-law than anyone else,” Lennon grinned. “Lennon, you know that I don’t do anything for Senior. That means to marry your brother to help him achieve better status. Also, Lincoln is like another brother to me. Love you Lennon yet; me marrying Lincoln isn’t happening. Let’s move on. Senior can get fucked, to be honest,” Sara snarled. “Sara Jayne, he’s your father,” Lennon replied. “You sound like Junior. There is a lot about Senior you just don’t know or get,” Sara snapped.


Lennon didn’t realise how much Sara knew about Senior. Even though Lennon and Lincoln always knew. That was because of their father. Michael told them. Something didn’t sit right with Lennon and her father wanting this meeting. All Lennon knew was her father was out doing things without his bodyguards or her and even Lincoln. Lennon knew that he was up to no good. Her gut told her. Lincoln was out with Junior.


“So, Mr. DiNozzo, What can I do for you?” he requested. “More of what I can do for you, Murakami. I think that I can offer you more,” Michael smirked. “Why is that Mr. DiNozzo?” Choi replied. “I know some of Miss Capriotti’s weaknesses. One of them in her long yet; rocky friendship with my daughter, Lennon,” DiNozzo grins. “Who says I need to deal with the Capriotti family? I’ve got my way to get what is needed from this pathetic state. My product will be moved regardless,” Choi raised a brow. “That is just a start, Choi. I wanted to peak your interests. I’m sure that the Yakuza wants to take a part of this area,” DiNozzo replied with cockiness. “Mr. DiNozzo, what the Yakuza wants or does n’t concern you. Do Not aggravate me, Sir,” Choi hissed. “I know there are others that will love this information,” Michael barked. He stood. As did Choi. They stood there staring at one another.


Lincoln pulled his plate closer to him. Junior picked up his glass of whiskey. He took a long drink from it. Then the men looked at one another. Lincoln took a bite of his burger and chewed obnoxiously loud. Junior laughed loudly. “You haven’t changed, dude,” Junior joked. Lincoln still had his mouth full. “What man? You didn’t think anything would change, eh?” Lincoln inquired. Junior chuckled. “Okay, Lincoln, I am just going to get to the point. Your old man, is he here to strike a deal with the Yakuza?” Junior asked.

Lincoln swallowed his food washing it down with his beer. “Junior, honest man, I don’t know yet; I don’t put it passed him. He is out doing something without me or Lennon. That is odd. Also, you know how he feels about Sara. The secrets he kept for you all. Just keep your lovely little sister safe,” Lincoln grinned. Junior laughed hysterically. “Lincoln, Sara may be the runt of the litter yet; don’t underestimate her. You know what she did to Senior more than once. Sara Belle runs the show. This what she has earned. She made her bones. Not on the coat tails of the Capriotti name. She used Brooks for the longest time. She didn’t want anyone to know who she was related to. Trust me she has it covered,” Junior replied proudly. “Well, the scrawny little girl has grown up into a wicked bitch. Good for her. Heard the Cigarnale’s oldest son, Joe is in charge now. He is running some businesses here also. Didn’t Lennon or Sara have a crush on him?” Lincoln mumbled in between bites.

“Yeah, Cigs have their businesses as well. I can’t remember. Didn’t Lennon have a crush on Sage too? Sara keeps things close to the vest. Our relationship was ruin the day I forced her to kneel to Senior. It hasn’t gotten to much better since then. Talk to Sage about Sara. She is closer to him, man,” Junior started with a sore undertone. “Lennon definitely had it bad for Sage. Scrawny Sara was then yet; she is beautiful now,” Lincoln nodded. “Sara isn’t someone you want to cross that bridge with yet; I can say that I know that she is seeing someone. Don’t know whom yet; she is with someone. Plus I know that she always thought of you as a brother,” Junior directly spoke.

“Man, just let her know that she can trust Lennon. My Pops that is a whole nother ball of wax. Tell her watch out for Yakuza and Pops,” Lincoln stated bluntly. “Thanks, Lincoln. I knew that you shoot straight from the hip. I’ll tell you this, though, Sara will kill your Pops without a second thought. Regardless if she and Lennon once called each other best friends,” Junior gloated.


Sara was packing for her vacation with Joe to Costa Rica. They wanted some time alone. Sara’s phone dinged. It was a text message from Lennon.
<b> L: Meet me at the coffee shop in the plaza, please.
S: Be there in 5.</b>

Sara tossed her phone back on the bed. She finished up her packing. After doing so, Sara grabbed her key for the Shelby. She made her way to the coffee shop. Sara parked then went into the shop. She purchased a venti black coffee to go. Sara sat down waiting on Lennon. She slid into the seat in front of Sara. Sara looked up over the top of her cup. She grinned. “You wanted to meet. What’s up Lennon?” Sara inquired. “Be careful. I think my father is setting something up with the Yakuza affiliate. I just figured you deserved the right to know,” Lennon stated.
Sara choked on her coffee. She cleared her throat. “Deserve to know, eh? Yeah, that is funny coming from you, Lennon. Since you knew all along that Senior basically sold me to the devil. Junior really wasn’t his son and that I had two other brothers out there. Oh wait, one other one now. So deserving to know sounds hella funny coming out your mouth yet; what is making you tell me this?” Sara demanded. “Sara, look I know that I kept shit from you. You know that I was the kid and I didn’t want to disappoint my father. I was young and naive,” Lennon said. Sara laughed. “Okay. So you were young and dumb, huh? Me too yet; I knew about some things. I knew I was going to kill my father when I was young and so-called stupid,” Sara snapped.

Lennon gasped. She looked at Sara. “I want you to trust me. Or let me earn that back, Sara Belle,” Lennon pleaded. Sara shook her head. “Don’t ever call me that again. Look I will see you in about a week. We will have our meeting. I will think about what you said,” Sara stated as she rose from the chair. She just shook her head. Sara left with coffee in hand.


Sara pulled up in her driveway. A car pulled up behind her. Sara parked her car. Joe stepped out of the car. “You ready?” Joe asked. Sara grinned like a Cheshire cat. She nodded. “Yeah, let me grab my bag,” Sara hurried off. She grabbed said bags then made her way back out. Joe had the bags in the trunk before Sara had time to register it. She slid into the back seat of the car waiting for Joe to get back in. He leant in gave her a kiss. Joe signaled for the driver to take off. “No, business. Your mine. You are now on vacation.” Joe told her as they drove off.

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People Collide

Title: People Collide
Characters: Lennon, Lincoln, and Michael DiNozzo, James Coleman, Grey, Barachiel, and Sara. [Mentions: Junior, Sage, and Joziah]
Prompt: None
Word Count: 545
Summary: Lennon and Sara have a so-called chance meeting.
Rating: Mild
Lennon, James, Grey, and Michael were seated in at the table in the back closest to the back door towards the patio. They were all looking at their menus. Lennon was looking over the wine section. She was mumbling to herself about Sara having excellent taste in wines. Lennon found one of her favourites on the list, Opus One Napa Valley Red. She saw something out of the corner of her eye. Lennon smiled. She picked up on the scent yet; there was an unfamiliar female scent with it.

“Well, look who I found and she was kind of enough to escort me to the restaurant. She hasn’t changed much. Still a bit scrawny like she was when she was a kid,” Lincoln laughed. Sara stood there with her hands on her hips. She rocked back and forth on her heels. She didn’t whether to laugh or just start swinging. Sara looked over at Michael DiNozzo and snarled. Her eyes snapped towards Lennon.

“Lennon, I told my brother, James here that I would agree to meet with you yet; you chose my restaurant to eat at. You know what you were doing. Lennon, I am not one to play games. Trust me. I am not the same little girl you knew when we were teenagers. The meeting that I agreed to be with you and Lincoln. If you don’t agree to those terms. Then get the fuck out of my restaurant,” Sara exclaimed. Lennon had stood with a nod before she spoke, “ Sara, that term I can live with. I’ve not come here to cause issues. Just here to strike a business deal. Let my apologise for my father’s ploy. He is the one that told us about the restaurant.” Michael stood and looked at Sara. She moved closer to him. Sara leant in and whispered in his ear. “DiNozzo, I am not Senior. I don’t have issues with killing individuals that I use to call family.” Sara smirked. She moved back. Sara slightly brushed past Lincoln.

“Please, have a seat. Mangia un sacco. Godetevi. Avere una buona. Ci vediamo domani, Lennon e Lincoln. [Translated: Eat plenty. Enjoy. Have a good one. I will see you tomorrow, Lennon and Lincoln.]” Sara stated. She glanced over at Michael. He was glaring at her. “Oh, also come prepared. The meeting shall not be long. I’ve got places to go and someone to be with,” Sara grinned. Sara walked off towards a set of doors. Barachiel came to her side.

“You get anything with your senses?” Sara asked. Barachiel laughed. “Yeah, she is telling the truth. Michael is up to no good. He has something up his sleeve. Perhaps that is why the Yakuza is here,” He stated. Sara nodded. She sat down next to Junior. “Talk to Lincoln for me?” Junior nodded. Sage and Joziah looked at her. “DiNozzos and Yakuza that is a combination,” Sara raised a perfectly shaped brow. She took a long pull from her glass of wine. Sara had chuckled before she spoke, “Let the fun begin.”

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Dance With The Devil

Title: Dance With The Devil
Characters: Introduction to Lennon DiNozzo, Sara, Grey Guintoli, James Coleman, Junior, and Sage. [Mentions: Joe Cigs, Locklyn, and Liberty]
Word Count: 982
Summary: Lennon comes back to Louisiana after being gone for sixteen years. Lennon wants something from Sara.
Warning: Language

“So, what you are saying is that you don’t even remotely think about him?” She spoke seductively. “No, I don’t. I can’t. He is Joseph Cignarale. I can’t help to look at him yes yet; that is all I can do. He is a Cignarale and I am a Capriotti. Just because you just come over to drool over my brothers, Lennon,” Sara remarked. Lennon chucked a pillow at her. “Belle, that isn’t true. It is a perk of coming to your house. You know this. I am your best friend,” Lennon smiled. “Whatever Lennon. I’m not stupid. Just remember Liberty would rip your eyes out over Junior. Well…Sage is Sage,” Sara told Lennon as she plopped down on her bed. Sara stared at Lennon. She saw something.

~~~~~ Sixteen Years Later ~~~~~~~

“Earth calling Lennon,” the man called out to her. Lennon spun around looking at the man standing near her. “Yeah, what is it?” Lennon asked. “Anything that you like to discuss?” Another male voice asked. “No, there isn’t yet; I will say this though. You are asking me step in choppy waters. You are asking me to make a deal with her? I don’t know if she will even do that. The way we left and what you did to her father,” Lennon looked up into the blue grey eyes staring at her. Her father was an influential man. He had shaken his head before he spoke. “Lennon, if anyone can get a deal out of Sara Jayne Capriotti that would be you. Make it happen,” He barked as he walked out of the room.

Lennon turned looking at her cousin, Greyson and her boyfriend, James. “James, she is your half sister. You think should do an arms deal with me?” Lennon inquired. James had shrugged before he spoke,”I am not close to her. I know of her more than anything. You’ve known her longer than I have, Lennon.” “Grey, what do you know about this Sara Capriotti?” Lennon asked. “This Sara is devious, ruthless, and very cunning. She is smart and calculated. Sara didn’t get where she was dumb and reckless,” Grey remarked. Lennon looked at the screen of her laptop. She nodded.

“I guess that we are off to Louisiana. Grey and James, leave tonight and set something for me and my father. James also try to get a meeting set up with Sara for me,” Lennon ordered. Grey and James hopped up to plan all their ways out of New Haven, Connecticut. James and Grey left that night back to Louisiana.


“Grey, I know that Lennon is your family yet; do you trust her?” James asked as he sat next to her on their flight to Louisiana. Grey turned to look James in his eyes. “Yes, I do trust her. Lennon has saved my life more than once. I was an idiot pup. Sara will be leery at first yet; their past friendship will definitely get us the meeting for Lennon. My Uncle Michael now that is a whole different ball of wax,” Grey told him. “So, Sara needs to be aware that your Uncle Michael is in town as well?” James asked. Grey nodded her head as her dull eyes fluttered shut. James kissed the top of her head. He whispered, “Sweet dreams.” James also fell asleep.

“Come in,” Sara mumbled yelled with her toothbrush hanging out of her mouth. Sage and Junior walked into her office. Sara cocked her eyebrow then walked over to the bathroom sink. She finished brushing her teeth. Sara came back to the office area.

“What do I owe the pleasure of my two oldest and dearest brothers?” Sara asked sarcastically. She looked down at earnings from last night. Sara waiting for her brothers to start talking. She looked up at them both. Sara shrugged her shoulders.

“Speak. What did you get Locklyn and Liberty pregnant you two?” Sara asked. The guys shook their heads. “No, has no one told you? Sage pried. “Jesus, Belle. No, pregnancies yet; Joziah or Barachiel has spoken to you?” Junior inquired. “No, I slept here last night. I was dealing with Murakami and associates. Other words we have Yakuza affiliates here in Louisiana. I sent them home afterwards,” Sara replied. “The DiNozzo family is coming to Louisiana. Lennon and her father, Michael,” Junior cocked a brow.

Sara nodded then pulling her pack of smokes out of her drawer. She pulled one out of her pack and lit it up. Sara shook her head while exhaling. “What the hell does Lennon want? All these years later. The last time I heard she went back to Boston after they left Louisiana. Then they were in New Haven, Connecticut. Also, her family so into gun running and loan sharking mainly. So…What they hell does she want here in Louisiana?” Sara asked. Sage and Junior shrugged.

“Boss, we have news,” Barachiel came in with Joziah right behind. Sara was putting out her smoke. She glanced over at her brothers. Sara nodded. “Yeah, boys. The Capriotti brothers beat you to it,” Sara chuckled.


Grey and James picked up Lennon and Michael from the airport. They took them to the house. James and Grey set up the home. Lennon and her father, Michael got themselves settled into the house. They decided that dinner out would be a great idea. Grey suggested that they go to The Plaza and have dinner at <i>Bellissima Cibo</i>. James gave Grey a look. He just shook his head. James figured Sara would definitely know that Lennon was in town.

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Walk Tall & Carry a Big Stick

Title: Walk Tall & Carry a Big Stick
Characters: Sara, Barachiel, Joziah [Introducing: Choi Murakami]
Prompt: None
Word Count: 1,338
Summary: Someone is pissing in Sara’s backyard.
Warning: Some violence and language
A/N: Sara is a loud mouth. She doesn’t give in.
She rocked back and forth on her heels. Her chestnut locks swayed just ever so slightly. The smoked billowed from her cigarette. Her eyes scanned the picturesque view from the conference room. She thought about what was going on in her territory. She knew that Barachiel and Joziah would come back with information. She put out her smoke then toke a long pull from her glass of Johnnie Walker Black. The dark amber liquor warmed her throat. She slowly swirled the liquid in the glass around. Barachiel and Joziah walked in and silently stood in the doorway.

“You going to stand there all day and stare at me or tell me what you found out?” Sara inquired. Barachiel spoke up first. “You’ve got trouble on your hands. There are Yakuza affiliates in your area. As am I sure that you are aware they are supes,” Barachiel replied to her question. “Kyushu Seido-Kai to be exact,” Joziah remarked. “I thought those boys went their separate ways a while back?” Sara asked. Barachiel and Joziah nod. “Apparently long enough to get the alphabet soup of federal agents from their cases. I guess the son of Chojiro Murakami, Choi Murakami is running the show now. Chojiro stepped down letting his son control the empire,” Barachiel spoke. Sara ran her slender fingers through her hair. “Boys, what kind of supe? I can’t pinpoint it.” Sara asked. “Sennin. A God. Your basic run of the mill, Immortal, Sara,” Barachiel replied.

Sara drank the last of the Johnnie Walker Black in her glass. She needed to do some digging on Mr. Murakami. The glass shattered as it made contact with the table. She looked at the mess then over at the guys. “Sara, there is an underground poker game going on. You want to check it out?” Barachiel asked. Sara chuckled. “Sì, amo il poker. [Yes, I love poker.],” Sara replied in Italian. She didn’t appreciate anyone pushing into her territory. Sara knew that a lot of these good old boys didn’t like her running the show yet; she was going to show them what she is all about.


Sara put on some jeans, her Ramones t-shirt, combat boots, and leather jacket. She grabbed her usual suspects as she made her way to the garage to get her bike out. Sara headed over to the abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of the woods near her casino. She didn’t like them playing in her sandbox. You always had to ask to bring your toys in her sandbox and she would get profits. Sara parked the bike in the woods. She made her way towards the building. Barachiel and Joziah slid over to on the opposite sides of her. Sara stopped then pointed at the guards at the main entrance. She signaled over to the guys. Sara was going in through the side. The men were taking the front door. Barachiel and Joziah had an invite. Sara made her invite.
She slid into the shadows of the building. Sara spotted the 6’6 burly man standing in the doorway. She took off her jacket while walking up to the man. Sara flashed her best smile with a wink. She stopped placing one hand on her hip. Sara looked up at him.

“Excuse me, Ma’am. I think that you are in the wrong place,” the man stated. “Me. No, I believe I am in the right place. Just ask your friends,” Sara said point to his ear piece. “You need to leave. Now!” the man replied loudly. Sara smile turned on her heels. She twisted jacket up. Sara ran up on him jumped his back. She wrapped her coat around his neck. Sara pulled her jacket tightly bringing the man down to the ground. Her feet braced against his shoulder blades. Sara could see the life drain from his body. She let go of the body. Sara examined the body then rifled through his pockets. She found the keys, just what she was looking for. “Silly man. Never underestimate the small wolf,” Sara told the body.

Sara unlocked the door. She walked into what looked like the security area. Sara looked at the cameras. She saw Barachiel and Joziah seated at a table with whom she had to assume Choi and some associates. Sara quietly yet; quickly made her way out of the security area. She timed it just perfectly. Sara felt the cold steel of the barrel of a Glock. She put her hands up. The man holding the gun walked Sara into a room with Choi and her boys. Sara showed no recognition of Joziah and Barachiel.

“Well, hello boys. Fancy meeting you here,” Sara grinned. “Over there,” The man pointed the Glock towards the table. Sara walked over to the table. The man with onyx hair stood. He stood 6’2 or 6’4 on a good day. “Well, well….Who and what do we have here?” He inquired with a grin. “Who me. Little old me. I am just here for the game. The Texas Hold ‘Em game. Right? I heard this was the place to be,” Sara grinned as she sat down in the open chair. He looked at her. She tilted her head slightly. Sara leaned back into the chair finding the comfort of her Sig Sauers on her back. She smiled again giving the man full eye contact.

“You heard correctly, Misu [Japanese for Miss],” He grinned. “Good. Deal me in. I am sure you wouldn’t mind playing against little old me,” Sara smirked. “I’ve got no problem with that. Do you have a name?” He replied. “Sara Jayne. You can call me Sara,” She nodded. “Well, Sara Jayne. I am Choi,” He nodded. Choi snapped his fingers the two gentlemen seated on the sides of Choi drew their weapons. They pointed them at Joziah and Barachiel. Sara laughed. “So, Mr. Murakami. You come in my town, my territory, and you think that I would sit idly by?” Sara looked at him. “Miss Capriotti, I was wondering what took you so long to get to my party,” Choi chuckled.

Sara leant back looking at Joziah and Barachiel. She rubbed her hands together with a wicked smile. Sara moved with quickness and precision. She pulled her Sig Sauers out. Sara pointed her weapons at Choi’s men. “Boys don’t move,” Sara looked at Joziah and Barachiel. Their eyes spoke volumes. “Sara Jayne, here I thought that we could sit down and talk like adults,” Choi enraged look. “We can talk. Just I am not in the mood to talk right now. You came into my backyard and tried to piss on my trees. I don’t take kindly to that,” Sara vengeful spoke. “Your associates need to up their game. We shouldn’t be able to slip into your yard as you say,” Choi smirked.

Sara’s blood boiled. She leant back in her chair. The legs of the front of the chair coming off of the floor. Sara’s legs went up to the table. She pushed back the chair scraping it against the ground. Then there was a popping noise. Double tapping. Sara shot both Choi’s men. Two shots to the temple. She tilted her head. “Now, if you want to talk to me. Like two adults. Meet me in The Plaza at my restaurant. I’m sure you know where it is. Barachiel and Joziah let’s go,” Sara said. She stood as did Choi. They looked and nodded at one another. “I’ll be in touch, Miss Capriotti. I can say this though. I should not have underestimated you,” Choi smirked. “Never underestimated the little wolf. Rule number One,” Sara brightly smile. Sara, Joziah, and Barachiel walked out.

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